2012-01-01 - January 2012 - David Peterson (Digital Download)

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David Peterson, cofounder of Rudy’s Barbershop, is the inspiration for Rudy’s education program. In 1993, Rudy’s expanded upon the traditional notion of a barbershop to create a sense of community. Rudy’s organic experience was curated with a well-articulated blend of art, music, and sense of place. To this day, the initial vision of a cross-generational “community center” that acts as a source for creative energy, while offering a great haircut at a great price, remains the basis of Rudy’s mission. Rudy’s has expanded to 13 locations encompassing the Seattle metro area, Portland, and Los Angeles, with further growth slated for 2012, when Rudy’s opens a new shop in New York City. Interviewed by Winn Claybaugh, David takes you behind the scenes to discover how Rudy’s was created and how you can achieve similar success.

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