2016-02-01 - February 2016 - Jody Shays (Compact Disk)


2016-02-01 - February 2016 - Jody Shays (Compact Disk) Jodi Shays
Owner and Founder, Queen Bee Salon & Spa Jodi Shays founded Queen Bee Salon and Spa as a small, home waxing studio that blossomed into four locations and was honored by Allure, Vanity Fair, Who What Wear, and more. In 2014, Jodi launched her online Queen Bee Academy while building The Shays Lounge men’s spa. Interviewed by Winn Claybaugh, Jodi shares much more than the world of skincare and waxing, including brilliant advice on the power of starting from the bottom, dealing with naysayers, customer service, the male market, and building a successful team and clientele.

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